Thank-You Message

09/15/2013 § 1 Comment

Post-birthday blog post.

(BTW, just finished with thanking my FB friends one by one for their kind greetings—I appreciate those. I already thanked most of the closest people in my life that Sunday night thru personal sms—their gestures fattened my heart. I have yet to reply to all the DMs/textmsgs/private msgs—I’mma probably finish that by tomorrow… So yeah, hi, I’m now making obvious to y’all that answering on time is something I’m not good at. lol)


TO JESUS: I need You more than anything in my life. I love You more than anyone. My life will be always seeking to be about You, my heart tries its hardest to always do things for Your glory… And I take no credit for anything good. If there’s something nice in me, that’s You. If I do something awful (which of course, I will), that’s definitely me because I can hurt and behave shamefully by nature. Nonetheless, please always help me focus on You, fixated and obsessed lest I get more mindful of myself. ‘Cos, ahhh Jesus—there is nothing else better than You, is there? THANK YOU.

I see your gestures like they’re big, big hugs—and I extremely like hugs. No gift, greeting, effort, kindness, and love was small and fruitless… I highly value them! They’re always making so much impact to me—in ways you don’t know how. Just so thankful y’all exist in my life. Thanks for staying and keeping up with my journey.

Special mention to KKB Calamba: Love you guys. Glory to God. (Ssssszzs!)

I’ve always had these…
New year life-verse: HEBREWS 12:1-17
New year life-song: YODELICE – TALK TO ME
New year life-quote: “The measure of a life is not its duration but its donation.”
—Corrie Ten Boom
New year life-goal: (Aside from all the spiritual stuff) Finally get a freakin’ work and then have an overseas trip! Haha.


Greater things are here. If not, they’re on their way.
08 September 2013


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