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I think I am ready for warm winds at the beach, bright night skies, late-night swims, movies in the park, iced coffee, (but most especially) hot coffee, trips to the local market, fresh flowers in the kitchen, naps in the hammock, and you.

I think I am ready for you. x

Someday. Someone.

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I hope someday you’ll marry someone that encourages you to grow, makes you forget your problems, has a better playlist than yours, holds your hand in public, appreciates nature, likes to kiss, a great middle-of-the-night conversationalist, a dog-person, admires sunsets, and drives you crazy at the same time (in a good way).

I hope you find someone who’s a sweeter version of you. Someone who will give you a forehead kiss every morning. Someone who doesn’t shout on arguments. Someone who likes to dream with you and make them a reality—with you.

Someone who adores you. Truly loves you.

And I hope, someday, that
this someone, will also find you.

Dear God-given lover,

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um, so…



it’s been a long time.

but lately i’ve been thinking about you. about us.

it’s been a year, actually. that lately meant “ever since.”

and i just can’t run from this seemingly wave of emotion.

i have so much love to give you and it’s kinda gross. maybe.


pretty much kind of like, i can’t wait to have a partner
who’s also your best-est friend,
and is the sweetest thing.

i get to smooch your face and hold your hand,

and i also would get to laugh a lot and play games and just…

spend time together. with no limitations.

just lots of support and affection. and smiling.

and make a place where—it would be our home.
where—God is the center, and IT IS OUR HOME.

so yes.

basically, i can’t wait to meet you already.

…my future husband.


be seeing you soon. i love you.


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Songs I’ve been obsessing to listen to lately…

1) Best Love – Yuna

2) Slide – Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos

3) LDR – Curtismith

4) Get You – Daniel Caesar feat. Kali Uchis

5) Human Touch (acoustic version) – Betty Who feat. Jarryd James

Enjoy! :)


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This month, I thought it would be a good idea to list down a few of the songs that inspire my sense of faith. Hope you enjoy them.

1) LATCH (Acoustic) – Sam Smith

2) MY BEAUTIFUL RESCUE – This Providence

3) SO GOOD TO ME – Chris Malinchak

4) I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU – Foster The People 

5) THIS – Ed Sheeran

6) LOST STARS – Adam Levine

7) HEART LIKE YOURS – Willamette Stone

Jesus is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.

He is the BEST.


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I don’t want you to forget that you’re alive. I want you to get lost in your exposed skin and in the rhythm of your anatomy as you lean on your ribs, and count (on) your heartbeats.

I want you to remember that with each inhale and exhale your lungs are getting filled with the remains of stars and sparks and scars while you’ve always longed for these nights because you matter to this universe and all the hundreds of thousand others.



2) pink skies  – LANY

3) still feel like your man – JOHN MAYER

4) my favorite part – MAC MILLER (feat. ARIANA GRANDE)

5) ain’t nobody takin’ my baby – RUSS



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Pag-ibig! (Tseee. #Bitter #CHAR)

So obviously wala na akong masabi, kasi antok na po ako.


1) california – THE LAGOONS

2) call me up – PATRICK BAKER

3) little bit of you – KEVIN GARRETT

4) deluca – RUBY EMPRESS

5) fly away – MY BROTHERS AND I

BONUS!!! starving (acoustic) – HAILEE STEINFELD

warm – SG LEWIS



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Yay! Nasa bagong taon na tayo!!! Sige lang, hanggang umabot ng February ito at least! #ACHIEVE!




Silly! :)

1) dear to me – ELECTRIC GUEST
“The one thing that I know…
You’re dear to me and I know”

2) ILYSB (stripped) – LANY
“Oh, my heart hurts so good
And I love you, babe, so bad, so bad”

3) fall in love – BARCELONA
“Remember my love for you won’t fade, won’t fade
You keep it blazing”

4) the one – KODALINE
“‘Cause I knew, the first day that I met you
I was never gonna let you, let you slip away”

5) sleep on the floor – THE LUMINEERS
“Put on your dress, yes wear something nice
Decide on me, yea decide on us”

Enjoy! <3

xx cha


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MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Thank you, Jesus. For everything. EVERYTHING!!!)

1) this girl – KUNGS (feat. COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS)

2) fast car – JONAS BLUE (feat. DAKOTA)

3) fall – RONIN (feat. DEVERANO)

4) chunky – BRUNO MARS

bonus!!! (because it’s such a graphic, rad video)

5) I feel it coming – THE WEEKND (feat. DAFT PUNK)


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This time? Hmmm.

Yung medyo gloomy naman since November… Yung malamig, tapos madilim, tapos tahimik, tapos nasa sementeryo ka, tapos single ka pa rin. Waw.

1) “tama bang manghabol sa tanging tao na kaya kang saktan?”
habol – MAUDE

2) “God knows where I’d be
if you hadn’t found me, sitting all alone in the dark”

sick of losing soulmates – DODIE

3) “you may be gone tomorrow, but we got tonight”

4) “and now, you’re gone, and this time for long,
and everything we’ve had is now just a song”


5) “kaya sa natitirang sigundong kayakap ka,
maaari bang magkunwaring akin ka pa?”


Enjoy, hehe. :)

xx cha

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